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The main field of activity of our company, which beginned its commercial operations with its announcement on the pages 67, 68 of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette dated June,22,2001 with the number 5323; is all types of construction and contracting services (Iupperstructures; Building, Art Structures, Highway Construction and Regulation Works and Infrastructure; Works related to Tunnels, Bridges, Slotting, Hydraulic etc.).

Our company, Continuing its steady growth , increases its capacity as a result of the operational efficiency on the projects it runs without compromising on service quality, safety, corporateness or working discipline.

It has achieved many important successes in completing dozens of projects in various cities and regions.

Our company, which operates in various areas from upperstructure to infrastructure, gives quality prominence by synthesizing experience and innovation in each new project.

It has become prominent with the importance it attaches to issues regarding the occupational health, safety and environment in its operatios.

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Our company plays an important role in increasing the life quality with the services that it offers and contributes to Turkey’s economic development with the taxes it pays.

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Is to become a global brand increasing its references day by day without compromising on service quality or labor discipline.

Message from Chairman

Zey Construction is a business enterprise that has been started its operations in 2001 with the purpose of serving in construction and contracting fields.Since the day it was founded, we have been adapted to complete our works with meticulous care.We start every new job in different concepts with great motivation and enthusiasm.With our experienced and dynamic team, we are growing day by day and increasing our equipment.We complete the projects on time thanks to having right machinery and equipment.

We are active in various areas. In sum, upperstructures; building, art structures, highway construction and regulation works and ınfrastructure; works related to tunnels, bridges, slotting and similar hydraulic systems This diversity of our activity fields has made us expand business contributed to our corporate development.

We follow changing conditions in the world and revise our working way in keeping with them and with rapidly developing technology to improve our productivity adapted with innovative approaches. We advance with an innovative perspective due to our experiences that we get by each new job.We are aimed to keep labour standards in line with global scale.

Our Company acts always in eco-friendly ways thinking that caring of environmental ethics is an important responsibility for our future. Likewise, we attach utmost importance to occupational safety and we consider that it is a great success to put forward this awareness as a value.
We have made creating added value a rule for our country in our completed and ongoing projects.In accordance with its policy of acting in eco-friendly ways to keep both environmental and human safety.

In accordance with the importance we attaches to technical competence, quality, safety and environmental awareness, we reached to reduce the costs and synthesize all mentioned issues with a new a vision.

With your support, our company will achieve many successes in different fields and areas and will head for new horizons.
Best Regards
Emre Peker

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